Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Little Drummer Boy

Here is something I found on another blog about the song little drummer boy...


"It’s a song about a poor little boy who get told to come see this newly born prophesied king–a mystical baby of sorts, and everyone is bringing all kinds of riches to give as gifts. Well the little boy’s got nothing to give, let alone something fit for a king (much like humble artists of our time…). But he’s gotta give SOMEthing, and he decides he will play his drum. His music is all he has, and that’s what he gives as his gift.

Most people can grasp this much of the song, but there’s more to it: the boy knows in his head that he has nothing that can compete with stuff like gold and frankincense, but he plays his music anyway. Something, if only his subconscious, tells him that playing his song for this new king IS an appropriate gift. Maybe it’s because he and the king have something in common (”I am a poor boy too…”), but regardless: music is seen to be worth as much as gold. This king loves the song, and smiles at the little boy and his drum."


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